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Titles by: Robert Detweiler

Author: Robert Detweiler

Robert Detweiler is Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature in the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.He also served as the Institute's Director for eight years. He has published extensively on the intersection of religion, literature and culture.

Breaking the Fall 
Religious Reading of Contemporary Fiction
By Robert Detweiler
Modern literary criticism has virtually neglected to interpret contemporary narrative fiction, poetry, and drama from a distinctly religious perspective. In this book, Robert Detweiler, the premier scholar of theology-based literary criticism, redres...
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By Robert Detweiler, David Jasper
Religious experience and reflection have always engendered poetry and literature, prompting the imagination and moving beyond speculative thought. In this anthology, the editors address the common origins and various stages in the development of reli...
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