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Author: Robert V. Thompson

Robert V. Thompson was ordained as a Baptist minister and has served in this capacity since 1973. For the past twenty-five years he has been Senior Minister at the Lake Street Church in Evanston, Illinois. In the early 1990s, Bob began to explore the richness of other spiritual traditions including indigenous and Eastern spiritualities along with the Christian mystics and began using his discoveries in his sermons at church. Bob became a heretic. He and his church began to be leaders in the evolution of an emerging form of Christianity. Robert Thompson is active in the sphere of social justice, and speaks out on a variety of issues including homelessness, politics, interfaith engagement, the Christian Right, and spirituality. From 1999 - 2004 he served as Chair of the Parliament of The World's Religions.

A Voluptuous God 
A Christian Heretic Speaks
By Robert V. Thompson
In this captivating book, Robert Thompson opens a window into the soul and lets the welcome breeze of his writing freshen many of our traditional perspectives on Christianity. Using humour and a light and accessible tone, he challenges religious orth...
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