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Titles by: Kerry Connelly

Author: Kerry Connelly

Kerry Connelly earned her MDiv at Christian Theological Seminary. She is the author of Good White Racist? Confronting Your Role in Racial Injustice and Pause: Making Time to Walk with God. She lives in New Jersey with her family, where she works as a transformational leadership coach and consultant.

Good White Racist? 
Confronting Your Role in Racial Injustice
By Kerry Connelly
\ good · white · racist \ nounA well-intentioned person of European descent who is nonetheless complicit in a culture of systemic racismA white person who would rather stay comfortable than do the work of antiracismWhen it comes to race, most white A...
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Wait - Is This Racist? 
A Guide to Becoming an Anti-racist Church
By Bryana Clover, Kerry Connelly, Josh Riddick
A “Be-It-Yourself” Guide to Anti-racism for Churches and Church Leaders Whether you have been an ally for years or just recently opened your eyes to racial injustice, guiding your predominantly white church toward anti-racism is a daunting task. Whe...
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