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Titles by: Scott Black Johnston

Author: Scott Black Johnston

Scott Black Johnston is the Senior Pastor of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City. He is the coauthor of Theology for Preaching: Authority, Truth and Knowledge of God in a Postmodern Ethos (Abingdon, 1997) and coeditor of Questions Preachers Ask: Essays in Honor of Thomas G. Long (WJK, 2016).

Elusive Grace 
Loving Your Enemies While Striving for God's Justice
By Scott Black Johnston
The United States is suffering through a season of social and political division unseen since the Civil War. Unrest over long-standing social (especially racial) injustices are confronting new, antidemocratic perspectives and practices. So much is at...
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Questions Preachers Ask 
Essays in Honor of Thomas G. Long
"How do we preach in a way that affirms Christian theology while also honoring the insights of other faith traditions?" "How do we preach about and help create genuine Christian community in a social networking culture?" Questions Preachers Ask exami...
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