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Summer Study Pack
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Are you getting a headache trying to plan summer education events at your church? Teachers need breaks, and we're glad they take them. Church members' attendance is spotty too, as they are taking well-deserved vacations. But it gets impossible to plan any consecutive weekly study.

The Thoughtful Christian has an idea just for you! Consider purchasing a special twelve-week Summer Study Pack. Each study is just one week long, so you don't have to worry about participants catching up. They can join in whenever they are in town. And if your teacher is gone, no worry. Each study comes with a Leader's Guide prepared for anyone to lead the session.

The Summer Study Pack costs just $50. Pick any twelve one-session studies from The Thoughtful Christian, and your headache will quickly disappear. Heck, maybe you can take off to the beach as well this year!

You will need to complete the purchase of your Summer Study Pack before you select the twelve one-session studies.

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List Price: $50.00